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What is YIC?
Y - youth→ from 15 till 30 years old
I– informational →informing, advising, educating
C - center→ on one place, different informations on a different ways

Youth Information Center is founded as a unique place available to all young people which will provide them quality, different and most of all necessary informations they could need.

Youth Information Center Vukovar is located at 204. Vukovar brigade 43. Working hours are from Monday till Friday from 11.00h to 16.00h. During that time young people can visit and use possibilities that Info Center offers such as:
-read daily news paper
-surf on Internet or print
-use available literature or copy if interested
-use YIC library
-learn more about EU
-participate in workshops and lectures on various subjects such as: how to write a CV or a job application, how to behave on a interview, how to search on the Internet, how to develop communication and other skills...
-get informations about other organisations through promo materials and presentations, get involved in their activities or just participate in some of their events
-get involved in disscusions and debates
-ask for a information, advice or how to solve a personal problem.

Also, you can reach us on a phone number +385-32-450-106 or send us an e-mail with your question, problem, sugestion or idea on icm-vu@proni.hr. You will get the answer in short time, not longer than three days (depending on your e-mail), and it certainly includes full discretion of your enquires.

There is a planty more of it, usefull and interesting for everyone and it can be more if you include. The most important, you can find yourself and do what you like, develop some of your own skills, learn something new, meet some new people and create some new possibilities. You can volunteer.





Where and how to look for informations, how from planty of them to find the one you need and how to adopt it to your own needs and situation; from whom to look for a advice about minor or biger problems...? Different and quality informations helps young people to get certain decisions and to get to active participation. Such informations provides and encourage personal choices for better organising of their personal life.

Youth Information Center is focused on general informing of young people and it adopts to all questions and needs of young man. Information Youth Center operates in the area of Vukovar and it aims all young people between 15 and 29 years old. It is adopted to all those who dont have enough possibilities to search for the informations they need.
Areas of informing young people are according to National programme of acting for youth and they are grouped as followed:

-education and informatization
-employing and enterprising
-social policy towards youth
-health insurance and reproductive health
-active participating of young people in society
-youth culture and free time
-mobility, informing and counciling.

Youth Information Center provides services that are complementary to basic informing and counciling such as education on various subjects, assistence with organising and realisation of projects etc.

Also, Youth Information Center will provide all informations and materials from different sources (NGO's, public institutions...) that promotes activities and possibilities for youth and encourage them with their own actvities.

While providing services for Youth Information Center users it is guaranteed personal choice with respecting their own autonomy and privacy.

Informing and counciling for youth is available through:
-direct contact in Info Center office
-documented informations (books, broshures, videos)
-e-mail adress, web site and our Facebook profile under name Info-centar Za Mlade Vukovar
-organised workshops and lectures.

Work of Youth Information Center Vukovar is based on coopreation with other organisations, public institutions, qualified individuals and volunteer involvement.

Youth Information Center is open for all young people without exception or previous announcements.
Be active in your community...apply for ICM volunteer...together with us create youth programs...

Youth Information Center Vukovar is a project of PRONI Center for social education .